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bring-a-friend trial

Bring your friend with you to your first lesson here at The Hype Tribe and enjoy a 1-for-1 discount!

for beginners

Don't know where to start? We've tailored these level 1 classes for you!


Our approach to movement involves gathering various movement patterns and combining them to create a distinct form of movement expression known as tricking.


We believe that there is a symbiotic relationship between strength training and picking up movement patterns. Train properly with us!

thtricking roadmap

Check out our progressive roadmap to getting your kicks, inverts and flips! We've broken down even the 'simplest' trick into mini progressions in our THTricking Roadmap.


Tricking often uses muscles that are not commonly used in our day-to-day activities. Project Hormesis aims to help you trick for longer by incorporating the principles of hormesis and end-range strength training to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and build anti-fragility. 


This is where we nerd out about tricking and how-to-trick! In our blog articles, we dive deeper into the 'How's and 'Why's and dissect the tricks into tiny (hopefully) understandable bits. This helps us to constantly refine our training methods and improve our coaching styles as we explore and grow this tricking community together in a safe way.


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