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tricking programmes:
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Tricking Level 1 course

4 Modules

8 x 1h sessions

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tricking Level 2

4 Modules

4 x 1h sessions /module

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backflip course

Intro 1 & 2 Backflip Module
6 x 1h sessions



our story

The Hype Tribe (THT) was born when a small group of us

stumbled upon the lesser known sport of Martial Arts Tricking. 

Despite the numerous falls and bruises that came with learning and executing tricks we had seen online - we’re still alive and kicking!

More importantly,   the learning process gave us the chance to better understand what Tricking means to us - and how we want to continue pursuing it in the future as we continue enjoying this sport.

Instead of keeping the love for Tricking within our small team, we started THT to spread it. We strive towards helping others master certain tricks to benefit their own discipline, all while doing so, in a fun & safe environment.

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