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lvl 1-5

Acrobatic Inverts is a program that combines strength training and acrobatics to challenge your body in new and dynamic ways. 


By blending these two disciplines, Acrobatic Inverts is able to target multiple muscle groups simultaneously, building strength, endurance, and flexibility in a dynamic and engaging way.


Lvl 1-5

TrickFit is a program that uses weightlifting and flips to build strength, power, and agility.


With Trickfit, you'll not only master impressive flipping skills but also build functional strength and muscle through weightlifting exercises.


LVL 1-5

Kicks of Fury is the ultimate fitness program that unleashes the power of your body's rotational force.


Join us and experience explosive strength, dynamic balance, and increased agility through the perfect blend of weightlifting and spinning kicks.


weekly trainings

Project Hormesis is a strength training program aimed to enhance body control, strength, power and mobility. It incorporates the principles of hormesis and end range strength training to help individuals achieve their fitness goals and build antifragility. 


By utilizing controlled stressors to stimulate the body's natural adaptive mechanisms, this program helps participants push their limits and achieve new levels of strength and fitness.

thtricking roadmap

Our progressive roadmap to getting your kicks, inverts and flips with our highly-trained, crazy-about-tricks instructors. We've broken down even the 'simplest' trick into mini progressions that anyone and everyone is able to process and grasp through our lessons!

Check out our THTricking Roadmap to find out more about how we categorise the tricks we teach in our Lvl 1 -5 classes, as well as in our Basic classes.

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