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"We really just want to grow    Singapore's tricking

The Hype Tribe LLP was first established in October 2017. We are a bunch of trickers that came together to help guide others who are interested to learn tricking or merely just tricks but have no clue how and where to start.


Some of us with martial arts backgrounds and some do not, but ultimately, we are here to help those interested, to minimize the falls and maximize their effort.


At the same time, we aim to build the community by helping it grow and keeping it alive. Therefore, we work hard towards growing the classes and conducting workshops in order to fund the annual tricking gathering, right here in the heartlands of Singapore, known as "Singapore Tricking Gathering" and also a future playground we would call "The Hype Gym"!

We intend to build a system to achieve two aims:

1.To ensure our students learn through Safe and Systematic Progressions proven to work

2.To enable our community to flourish and to set the standard of coaching in our scene



Some of you may also be inclined to find an exciting hobby or a movement to add flavor to life.

Others may be looking at finding activities to build confidence in their lives. Imagine how much confidence it brings to you when you master your first backflip!

We do not expect our students to stay as students for too long! Once you pick up the necessary skillsets, train with us- or jump into our bandwagon as paid coaches!

What's in it for you?

Goh Ray Fong

Ray has a back made of rubber and steel at the same time, we don't know which planet he is from, but he sure makes a good coach!

Background: Taekwondo and Wushu


Dylan Lim

Dylan has this weird fetish for weird tricks that nobody does, what a weird guy!

Background: Wushu

Joseph Chai

Very cute happy go lucky tricker that likes to jump everywhere, able to do a middle split. Got into tricking through action films.

Background: Taekwondo and Stuntwork/Fight Choreography



Sarah graduated from Oxford! Do you believe that? I didn't, but she really did. Wow!

Background: Gymnastics


Very clean form! What did you use? Colgate?

Background: Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampoline


One of the longest Trickers around! Catch him doing doubles in class yet rocking out to metal outside of it!

Background: Gymnastics, Parkour, Trampoline


One of the longest Trickers around! Patient and friendly, sometimes a little weird, but always passionate about sharing his wisdom around movement!

Background: Parkour

Dilon Ho

Dilon is the master at the "Blue beetle capture the orange orange" technique, and will demonstrate it if you ask.

Background: Taekwondo and Wushu

Dave Lawrence

A very stylish tricker that likes to incorporate Bboy styles into his combos, much cool very swag!

Background: Taekwondo and Break dancing



Nina has very good front tucks and she is one of the most patient teachers around to guide you through your basics.

Background: Gymnastics and Parkour


Looks a little scary with his beard on, but rest assured he is every bit of nice when he is coaching you!

Background: Parkour, Trampoline

Ding Huang

Easily the most experienced one around. He has a lot of cool tips and analogies to teach you in understanding certain tricks!

Background: Taekwondo, Stuntwork

Juin Chang

One of the youngest but definitely will do his best to help!

Background: Parkour

Yu Cheng

His in-depth knowledge on Sports Science gives him the ability to predict your every move! Beware!

Background: Sports Science


His long legs lets him reaches you quickly if you are ever in trouble, but it might trip you too!

Background: Taekwondo

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