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  • What is Tricking? Can eat one?
    "Tricking is the aesthetic blend of physical movements influenced by the expression of self an the collective group of individuals. Traditionally, it was built on frameworks of various movement practices and sports such as martial arts, gymnastics an dancing but now, it stans on its own as a recognised sport and physical art form." - Tim Farley, Tricker Short answer: No, cannot eat one. But you can be great at it.
  • Am I too old to trick? Can my one-year-old join THT's classes?
    As long as you can walk and run comfortably, our lessons welcome people of all ages! So don't be worried that you're too old or too young! You know what they say, Happy Halloween!
  • Will I be able to touch the sky after a THT lesson?
    Well, apart from being able to trick, you would be able to sleep well that night knowing that you had a good time with The Hype Tribe! But on a serious note, unless you are super talented and have limitless body awareness, attending 1 lesson at most would let you be more confident about moving your body in a certain way you do not usually have the opportunity to. By joining us for a term or longer, we can ensure you will be able to perform basic kicks and flips by yourself (assuming that you come every week and practice drills, do the neccessary conditioning and stretch outside of weekly class DILIGENTLY).
  • What is STG?
    STG stands for Singapore Tricking Gathering and it has been around for the past few years. It's where the local tricking community come together to hang out, trick and share their knowledge on certain tricks with one another, helping the community to grow. Although STG has been around for years, it was held mostly on random grass patches in Singapore. It was only in 2017 that The Hype Tribe decided to take the initiative to plan and host it in a gym in an attempt to expose tricking to the mass public while ensuring the safety of the participants. Fortunately, the turnout for STG 2017 was phenomenal. However, we won't just stop there. We will be working hard to make every year's STG better than the year before, so look forward to STG this year!
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