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What's in it?

Think cross-fit, but way cooler.

The Fitness program that incorporates Tricking specific strength and plyometrics training that gets your calories burning even after the session.

We'll teach you easy progressions along the way to help you understand the basic muscle memories of how a flip will feel like, which you can learn them all under our Tricking Program.

what's it like?

We have 4 lesson plans for our 4 basic tricks: Backflip Fitness, Frontflip Fitness, Aerial Fitness, and Kicks Fitness.

In a month, we rotate between these 4 lesson plans to enhance variety.

Rest assured, you would not risk it actually trying the flips, as that is for our usual Tricking class. 

We will teach you the basic movement patterns and muscle memories to guide you to understand the tricks using safe gymnastic apparatus.

So what would you actually learn?

For Frontflip and Backflip Fitness,

you will learn how to engage your legs to jump and to coordinate with your core, where you learn complex and compound movements to manoeuvre onto a gymnastic block, simulating what it feels like to flip.

So what would you actually learn?

For Aerial, you will learn the basics of it- handstand, cartwheel and eventually DIVE cartwheel.

For Kicks, you will learn how to balance on a leg and unleash destruction with the other, where you can move in mid-air like a ninja.

Any questions you have for us?

Feel free to leave your contact details below and we'll be right back at it shortly!

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