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[LVL 5] All Flips

Complete the basics of Tricking by adding twists to flips

  • Amped Trampoline Park|Sandbox Training Ground (Outram Park)

Service Description

Milestone for LVL 5 Flips: [Backflip part 1]: 1. Arabian (Backflip halftwist) 2. Backflip Full twist 3. Gainer Full (Inverted Corkscrew) [Backflip part 2]: 1. Gainer switch 2. Kick Full ( Flash Twist) 3. Back Double Full [Frontflip part 1]: 1. Frontflip half twist (tuck) 2. Frontflip Pike half twist 3. Frontflip Frontflip Layout Half twist [Frontflip part 2]: 1. Cartwheel Fulltwist (Front-half) 2. Aerial/Webster Twist 3. Rudy ( Frontflip 1.5 Twist) 4. Cartwheel Double Full twist

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