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we got you covid

Hi Hype Tribe!

We love creating a fun environment to celebrate everyone's milestones and successes in tricking, and are really proud of the progress that everyone has been making. We want to be able to continue to provide a safe environment for every student to train both hard and smart. As such, in line with MOH's advice on the latest developments in the COVID-19 situation, we will be adopting the following measures:

1. Limiting class capacity to 15 students

- Please book ahead using the Wix app to secure a spot in every class, and to assist in contact tracing, in the event that it is necessary. Walk-ins will not be allowed to attend class if it is at maximum capacity.

Join The Hype Tribe to get in touch and stay updated on the go. Download the Wix app to join: or use this code: LATRXW

2. Splitting classes into groups

We love warming-up and cooling-down as a tribe during each class. However, in accordance with social distancing advice, we will be extending our current practice of grouping students by skill levels throughout the whole class. This will serve as a precautionary measure to reduce contact between students while continuing to maximise every students' learning. We’ll continue to Hype everyone, but from a distance for now.

3. Temperature Taking

This will be done at the start of every class. Anyone whose temperature is up to 0.3 deg C above 37.6 will be required to sit by themselves for 10 minutes before their temperature is taken again. Should their temperature still exceed 37.6, we reserve the right to request that they avoid attending class until they are better.

4. Cleaning and sanitisation

GymKraft has stepped up its precautionary measures, disinfecting all equipment and the area within the gymansium every day. To add on to this, we will be providing hand sanitiser for all students to use at the start and end of every class.

5. Travel declarations

- Starting this week, all students will be required to fill a travel declaration form prior to attending class. We will be adhering to MOH's guidelines on travellers returning from overseas, and would like to encourage everyone to adhere to any LOA/SHN that you have been issued.

- If someone you live with has returned from overseas within the last week, especially from USA, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Spain or ASEAN, we would like to request that you refrain from attending lessons for 14 days from their date of return, for the safety of everyone else.

- Subsequently, please fill up the form again if you or anyone you live with returns from overseas

6. Rolling out online content

For those who are unable to attend class, we will be rolling out more educational and video content to ensure that you're able to safely condition your body to continue tricking and come back even stronger when things are better. Follow us on instagram at @thehypetribe to gain access to all our content!

With all these measures in place, extensions to Tricking Monthly packages will be possible if you are unable to secure enough lesson spots within 4 weeks. Please contact Dilon through Wix / Telegram / Whatsapp if you need this.

Your understanding as we take measures to ensure everyone's safety during this unprecedented time is much appreciated. Please feel free to give us any feedback or suggestions, or reach out to any of us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support, and we will continue to do our best to keep everyone safe as the situation develops.

Keep tricking, and stay healthy and hyped!

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