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On the futility of fitness

Pain. That's what you'll have when you run long enough. Or do enough bicep curls. Or <insert your favorite suffering>.

Not only is it painful, but it is also boring.

What's the deal with keeping fit then? They say you'll have increased energy and radiance, higher confidence, and more importantly, reduced chances of osteoporosis when you grow older.

were our ancestors happy?

In Yuval Harrari's Homo Sapiens, he alluded that we as a species, albeit with shorter life spans, are happier a few thousand years ago, pre-agricultural society.

As a species of hunters and gatherers, we hunt for hares in the day, collect berries in the afternoon, and feast at night. We were not slaves to corporations, or to the field (as farmers). We could do whatever we wanted, and we were happy.

We moved because we had to. We sprinted, climbed, and swam. We were free and happy.

Now, we sprint for sprinting sake, not to catch our next meal.

We climb for climbing's sake, not to escape from predators.

We swim for swimming's sake, not to catch fish.

Of course we are safer. Who wants to escape from predators all day long?

These actions are embedded deeply in our DNA, for a long period of time- this was what it meant to be human.

No wonder we lament when we have to force ourselves to run. To do crunches to build our core. Some do it to appeal to the opposite gender, some do it to be part of a community, but few would willingly do it by themselves without a good reason.

Why would we sacrifice instant gratification, for something that is painful but long-term beneficial?

We are not wired this way as humans. For the same reason, it is harder, to be honest when it comes at a personal cost. It is even embedded as one of the laws of physics - energy moves along the path of least resistance!

When does fitness stop being a chore?

I do remember a time when I spoke to a friend that loves playing soccer- but hated running.

Prima Facie, what an irony!

As we dive deeper, it might not be. Soccer resembles an activity that our ancestors used to do- work together as a tribe to catch their next game (meal). The act of working together and leading a tribe induces serotonin (the leadership and arguably self-esteem hormone) naturally, and the process of catching a beast unleashes endorphins (the happy hormones we feel after a good workout), and when we actually catch the game - dopamine (the happy hormone when we accomplish something, in fact, anything).

I'd dare wager that fitness as an activity can be fun when there is a process that is sufficiently challenging, something we can do as a group, and the outcome is impressive.

If you were to ask me what that activity is, my answer will always be the things you can learn in THT (The Hype Tribe).

Let's take for example learning how to backflip.

Backflip is one of those moves that if you can do, you are almost automatically cool.

Why? Because you are able to conquer the fear of landing in dangerous positions.

You are a Hero, of sorts.

But more than the image of being cool, do you realize how much fitness is required to do it well?

Backflip, executed by Ray

To jump well, your legs must be strong enough.

To flip/rotate well, your core must be strong enough.

To land well, your legs must be able to take impact.

Almost by default, when you can land a backflip- fitness is a by-product.

To make your legs strong enough, we have to train movement patterns like hip extension and knee extension.

To make your core strong enough, we have to train movement patterns like trunk and hip flexion.

To ensure your legs are able to take impact, we have to learn the art of deceleration (extending your knee and hip enough so you can land standing)

What we can offer you at tht?

Fitness becomes a byproduct when you make THT lessons part of your lifestyle.

When you pick up kicks, you are developing physical dominance.

[LVL 3 Kicks] Jack Knife (540 kick 2 targets)

When you pick up inverts, you are developing a connection with your body through flow. Not to mention, upper-body strength!

Macaco, [LVL 2] Inverts

When you pick up flips, you are developing lower body and core strength, and power.

backflip drills
[LVL 2] Backflip, to prepare for attempts

What's insane here is that things don't stop at backflip. Backflip is just the beginning!

[LVL 4] Backflip , to prep for Round Off Backflip

Speaking about core, how about spinning during a backflip?

[LVL 5 & UP] Backflip Full Twist, executed by Fish

Safe to say, you wouldn't be bored while keeping fit at THT.

In fact, we have a roadmap (skill tree) for you to browse through the various levels of movements you can expect to learn at THT.


Movement gives us a source of unexplainable joy when we are not doing it for the sake of doing it. Training with THT can give you the purpose to keep fit and be surrounded by a wholesome group of highly productive individuals.

If you'd like to join our tribe, I'd like to see you at a trial class!

Thanks for reading,


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