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Kicks Of fury program

Ever thought of doing well in Freestyle Poomsae? Or want to bring your kicks to the next level? Enter Kicks of Fury.

The Kicks of Fury program will cover the necessary Taekwondo spinning kicks, on top of strength training programs to ensure your body can keep up with the techniques.

The first portion of the article goes into the thought process and rationale of this program, skip to "How this program is going to be run" for tangible knowledge of the course.

Jack Knife, 540 2 kicks
Jack Knife (540 2 kicks)

Table Of Contents:

What problems are we trying to solve:

Learning yourself

Generally, tutorials on youtube come in the form of "Step 1... Step 2... And here you have your trick!" That's great to show how easy it could be. Lo and behold, when you try it, it suddenly doesn't seem as easy as how the person executed it in the tutorial. That's because there are many nuances in the technique that are not shown in the video. A proper progression should be more like "Step 1.1 ... Step 1.2 ... Step 2.1...". But nobody has the attention span for this unless you actually need to learn it (without running the risk of getting injured). The caveat is that if your body is strong enough (kinesthetically intelligent enough) to withstand the damages, you might actually benefit from the overly simplistic videos.

Why do these problems exist

  1. Different people have different levels of kinesthetic intelligence

  2. and different body conditioning

  3. lack of understanding of human anatomy and biomechanics

Varying levels of body/Kinesthetic intelligence

I have a friend who learned his backflip just by jumping and tucking, learning it in less than a minute. Just like how advanced calculus is a no-brainer for some, it is not so for everyone. You shouldn't benchmark your progress with the outlier unless you are a similar outlier. I should console you on the fact that a majority of us are not as gifted as them (we have our own gifts).

Everyone has a pre-built level of kinesthetic intelligence, which can be improved by exposing the body to various movements.

Varying levels of conditioning

You can expect a person who can squat 140kg and deadlift 180kg to have a backflip and 540 kick (with a sufficient range of motion) with ease. Conversely, you can expect a person who can barely pick things up from the ground to not be able to do a backflip.

Your pace of progress in technique training is often limited by your level of conditioning. If your level of conditioning is a 4, and the level of conditioning that is required for a technique is 7- you are bound to get injured. Common sense, right?

Lack of understanding of biomechanics

To a person with a hammer, everything is a nail. "Just jump higher, just twist faster" are common phrases you'll hear when if someone gives you advice but doesn't figure out how the body works and has no idea how to optimize YOUR BODY to achieve YOUR GOALS.

There is a certain logic to how your muscle moves joints, and how joints should move in sequence to achieve your goals. We call that "sequencing muscle memory", through the ways joints are supposed to move.

How is the "Kicks of Fury" Programme going to benefit you

  1. Increase the level of conditioning (strength, range of motion, power)

  2. learning the tricks that are required to do well in competitions abroad

Your progress will be stable and you will stay far from injury when the level of conditioning of your body is higher than that necessary for the technique.

May I define the level of conditioning:

  1. Your level of strength (how much weight can you lift)

    1. how well can you decelerate force placed upon your body

    2. how well can you produce force to move your body

  2. Your range of motion, and end-range strength

    1. are you able to hold tension at your end range to prevent hyper-extension/ hyper-flexion of your joints?

  3. Your level of power (how fast can you lift weight)

    1. how well you can produce enough force in a short span of time to lift your body into the air, and how well you can receive impact upon landing

How this program is going to be run

Throughout our program, you will be exposed to an increasing plethora of exercises to improve your level of strength, range of motion as well as power.

It is infeasible that you can pick up increasingly demanding drills safely without becoming stronger holistically. Your body grows accordingly to the level of stress placed upon it. We ensure that the level of stress is suitable for your level.

The tricks that are required to do well in competitions will be highlighted below:

[lvl 1] kicks

[lvl 2] kicks


  1. 540 Reverse Kick ( affectionately called Cheat 720 hook in Tricking)

  2. 540 Round/Turning Kick

  3. Aerial

  4. Jumping 540 Reverse (Backside 360 Hook)

  5. Jumping 540 Round (Backside 360 Hyper)

[lvl 3] kicks


  1. Jack Knife (540 2 kicks)

  2. Gainer Hook

  3. Jack Knife applied

  4. Btwist Round/Turning Kick

[lvl 4] kicks

Kicks :

  1. Cartfull Round

  2. CartFull Swipe

  3. 720 round

  4. Cartfull Double Leg

  5. Swing 900

  6. Btwist Round (yes, again. It's pretty hard to do it well and make it look good)

[lvl 5] kicks


  1. Boxcutter (Cork Hyperhook)

  2. Cartfull Hyperhook

  3. 900 Reverse (affectionately known as Cheat 1080 hook)

  4. Backside 1080 hook

Come for a Trial Class

Is this the taekwondo program you're looking for? Come to us for a trial class!

Is this something you'd like your dojang to have, I'm open to sharing my expertise and coaching at your dojang:)



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