Backflip Progressions

Backflip is probably the scariest move to learn and the one that gives you greatest satisfaction when you nail it. Master it.

 But after that?



Frontflip is probably the easiest to learn for the fresh ones. Once you land it, drill it. 

But after that?



We teach both Upright kicks (Taekwondo-based) and Inverted Kicks (Capoeira-based)

Mastering one already makes you look so bad-ass, what if you have both in your movement arsenal?



Aerial is probably the most challenging with regards to body coordination, but it is something you can do in a party to show off.

Muggles are easily impressed ;)

But after that?

Tricking Trial
1 hr 30 min
Fri, Sun
why tricking?

If Yoga lessons give you peace of mind, Working out gives you a good pump, then our Tricking lesson may give you an electrifying evening.

Is rolling backward your worst fear, or could it be the best feeling ever- in the air?

All of our students see it as a personal breakthrough to land a backflip- in fact, any trick that we teach!

We keep you safe, active and make sure you have FUN.

Come for a trial class, or should I say come for an electrifying evening with us!

Course description

This course is built upon the basics of Tricking

which are:

1. Backflip

2. Frontflip

3. Aerial 

4. Kicks

You get to learn a trick (based on our scheduling) over 4 lessons in a month.

The trick that is taught on Friday is different from Sunday.

Our schedule begins at the start of every month!


Once you've mastered the basic tricks, we'll progress you according to our syllabus. There's a progression after each move.

Come for a trial lesson to find out more!

Come for regular lessons to compound your learning and ensure you have acquired the correct muscle memories, which pays off in a very short while. You be the Magician, an...
Tricking Lessons
1 hr 30 min
Thu, Fri, Sun

Hear it from our students!

so, what's after the basic stuff?

What would you like to know about Tricking Class?